Apples Taste Blue To Me

Since leaving my Christian faith a question has remained unanswered. Without God, how can I trust my senses? How can I know that the world I experience - the objects and events, the colours, tones, textures, and tastes - is anything like reality?

During the recent lockdowns, with a head full of strange ideas and questions about reality, I began to focus intensely on a single 'thing', a red apple. Through a repeated and obsessive series of visual investigations, I playfully push at the boundaries of my own seeing; deconstructing, zooming into, manipulating, and visually reimagining an apple, each piece attempting to challenge my intuitive sense of 'things'.

Of all the objects that I could point my questions toward, an apple seemed apt. It was an apple that caused Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden, and an apple that caused Newton to define gravity. Apples are mundane and symbolic, simple and infinitely complex.

1 + 1 = 1
Framed giclee print, 50 x 70

"like two drops of water coming together, touching, and then seamlessly fusing, showing that sometimes one plus one equals one."

Douglas Hofstadter, I Am A Strange Loop


Untitled #1

Inverted Spectrum

DNA Sequence (how to make an apple)
706 733 160 characters, laser printed at size 3 font, double sided,
2059 pages (4118 sides)

DNA Sequence, Copying Error (detail)
Series of 25 unique works, Laser Prints, A3, Framed
Things Taken Apart